Catch​ Of The Day #2

I have been living in Portsmouth for more than 7 years now, and I have to admit, the Hampshire is not easy to take photos of. Dorset is already such much richer region, but Hants? There isn’t really any spectacular view around here, however there are many places that are suitable for intimate landscapes. For example, I love the New Forest, such a unique place by the way. I have never seen in my life a reserve where so many animals can freely roam around people and cars. Especially horses and ponies!

However, nevertheless, it’s very difficult to frame a good photo. I usually spend hours going around to find something that catches my eye. Obviously is not even worth trying if the light is not the right one, therefore golden hour or never mind.

This time, while  I was wandering, I found this temporary steam, created by the abundant rain. The trees and the sun reflecting on it, made me release that there could be something interesting there.

I spent a good 20 minutes, taking a lot of photos, as I knew that I had to study it for a long time to have the chance to go back home with something worth the time.

This is the result, my favourite is the last one, which one is yours?

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