Exciting and tiring day with Zara

I think I met Zara through Starnow.co.uk as well. She is a business woman and as an incredible hectic life. She is a fitness junkie, PT, captain of yachts, entrepreneur and who knows what else. We met at the canoe lake in Portsmouth and we immediately got along with a clear vision of what to do. We could have done much more, but trust me, photoshoot is very intensive. At least my style, as I move a lot! I seriously need to plan a photoshoot where a tripod is involved :), but I like moving, it makes things much more interesting and I think the model enjoys it as well.

My first idea was to shoot her under the pier, I knew the light there would have been awesome (it’s basically by the book!) and then we moved to a nice garden in the city. Still for training purposes, although I was a bit overwhelmed by how much professional Zara was :). She is surely not shy in front of the camera!

All the photo shot with pentax k1, Tamron 70-200 2.8 and natural light!

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