Fancy Gels and Colored backgrounds

Few months ago I shot my second photoshoot. I still need to figure out a lot of stuff, but I have also learned a lot.

I have learned to not trust the camera monitor at all, better to use a field monitor, especially with the False Color option on, so that I can check if lights are leaking where they shouldn’t. Same goes for the histogram too: what it may look well exposed on the camera is actually not on the computer monitor.

I am learning to get the best of my very cheap equipment. I would love to share how to get the most of it without spending a fortune, maybe soon I will start some posts about it.

I learned that is possible to have a fairly uniform lit background using two super cheap godox slave flashes with gels, using reflecting umbrella (with some tricks). A third light from the top center may make things better, but it’s not strictly necessary.

The result is this:

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