An afternoon with my friend Simone

Long time no see! Yeah I have been busy. I actually shoot several portrait sessions since last time I updated the blog, so I will now catch up with a lot of post and photos.

I put them in chronological order and this is about my friends Simone, who is a rock singer! (you can find him on several platform, under the name Simone Cicconi). All my current photoshoots were organized as a training form to get comfortable with the tools and get confident with composition and direction. I still focus too much on the vision and getting things right, but eventually I will need to stop to shoot just to exercise and start to plan more serious projects.

These photos were taken with my K1 and mainly with a tamron 70-200 2.8, but also with a Pentax 28-105 3.5-5.6 DFA

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