The sassy world of the Neptune girls

Well this was just a cool chance encounter. The Neptune Girls is a very energetic group of (mainly) girls based in Portsmouth who have the goal to empower the woman body (and spirit), regardless the size and shape!

I noticed them on a social network and after I saw a fantastic video that they self produced, I decided to ask the founder to let me take photos of the ladies! It turned out to be a photo shoot much larger than I expected, with the whole crew! This is definitively when I realised that is impossible to continue doing random photo-shoots without planning. It took all my energy of the day and several weeks to develop the hundreds (almost 1 thousand) photos resulted from the day of work.

It was fun, but it was also last time I would do something like this. I also realized that I need to be careful and discern between when photos can be used by the model just as portfolio and photos used for commercial purposes. In every case was a good investment, not just for the training, but because I obviously met new interesting people which I could work with in future.

To be honest at the moment I have no interested to work for commission, as I have many projects I want to develop and not enough free time, but if something interesting happens, I probably would not refuse a good offer.

The instagram neptune account is: they have been styled by while the make-up was done by who I hope I can work with in future!

all the photos made with Pentax K1 and the fantastic_quality_although_super_cheap lens that the Tokina atx 28-70 is!

Following the best photos of the shoot. I think the ratio for a good photoshoot is to save 1 photo every 10. I some times surpass that, but usually I stay within that range. Although I am getting more confident and I am developing my style, I still fail some times to notice very basic errors, that could be due to light, composition, background or model pose. It takes a lot of concentration and therefore it can be very draining too. However, since even just rejecting hundreds of photos take a LOT of time, one must really try to get so good to take as few shots as possible with a higher percentage of good ones. I currently don’t think that this comes with the experience only, it needs also a good planning.

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